The 13 Day Sonnet

13 days bring upon me irony
13 days was what my mother gave me
13 days late and I would be early
13 days of missed youth makes one envy
13 days that I’d call myself lucky
13 days or dead men I would study
13 days skipped scrolls not in History
13 days or learn terminology
13 days saved me some books to carry
13 days adds my hunch being more heavy
13 days spares white cells from expiry
13 days to end but I’ve no worry
13 days left in 1983
13 days or school would feed poetry

2 thoughts on “The 13 Day Sonnet

  1. yunnermeier Post author

    it’s the exchange rate. A trip to say..Langkawi would cost us around RM400 or so right? Well..the value of 45 000 yen is the same as RM450 to us…. and Puvan is in Fifth Room…

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