What The? Ducks!

This entry is dedicated to Su Ann and the interesting specimen. All shots from wayyy back, a certain 17th of March 2007.

A conference is in order.

The beauuutiful out-of-focus bokeh is thanks to the good ol’ Minolta 70-210mm F4 beercan lens.

Waddle around the tree!

Man, they could make a pillow out of my feathers.

I wish I caught a shot like this again, during the KLPAC Click! outdoor session, so I could win something.

12 thoughts on “What The? Ducks!

  1. pinkpau Post author

    OHHH now i get it 😛 when you told me to go see, what i saw was the helicopter post.

    EH i saw those ducks at klpac as well. hahahaha it was such a pleasant surprise. i was a very happy girl after that 😀 but my photos not as nice as yours lah =(

    thanks for the dedication heehee!

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    xj and Silencers: What the duck? I’ll uh… call it a sign of quality. Haha.

    Canon Freak: If you’ve seen the post about the infrared Q1…

    Hugs for the rest!

  3. cyberdroxxx Post author

    Hey albnok, great ducks shots. especially the last one as if in full orchestra by the solo duck. Tune "Oh when the saints…go marching in…."

  4. Canon Freak Post author

    love the colour in the first one!

    "being resourceful i taped coins to keep the batteries in"

    you must’ve been killer in Kemahiran Hidup in high school!


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