Music Marathon X Fete De La Musique

6th June 2015: Music Marathon X Fete De La Musique, at Laundry Bar, The Curve!

Here’s Armon.

Emcee Melissa Th’ng.

I missed Son Of A Policeman earlier, but I managed to take a band picture of them. Also missed – Resya Rahman and Talitha Tan.

Kent Sim

…and his steady cajon player.

Jon Liddell.

Now, with a band!

Army Of Three, three plus one.

Relent – one with neatly combed hair, another who doesn’t comb.

Back2Basixx sees our local John Legend, Christian Theseira, pick up a double-locking tremolo-ed guitar.

A special occasion indeed, with Krystal (Small, of Big & Small) coming on to sing a song.

Vocal harmony quintet turned full band.

Daryll (Big, of Big & Small) takes over the guitar here.

So why is she called Small again?

With 4 people in the band and 1 guest vocalist, the musicians on stage turned from the regular 5 to 10 instead.

Aster Kyle Cow G. on the right.

Cool cow.

Then I’d see the full electric, new lineup of An Honest Mistake!

Darren would take all vocal duties.

It is always leg day.


Always a fun act to photograph, for the musical breakdowns!

OJ Law, who I’ll always look forward to catching, for his songwriting genius.

The dark electro-pop of Gran Kino.

They hailed from France!

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