Chicks Rock Right

Chicks Rock Night, KL Jamasia, 10th August 2007. Wow, I’m back to a giant backlog.

Chick rock night has to have chick photographers…

…and chick videographers.

Otai” chick rocker, Markiza Brown, and her dear husband, the venerable Peter Hassan Brown. Together, they form the ever-changing folksy Soft Touch.

Long-haired, but positively, this shredder was a dude.

Ah! There, the chick frontwoman of Splitends.

They played jazzy-tinged pop.

I.G. Collective‘s second last gig. Don’t leave us!

Not a chick, but check out his shirt.

The crowd, yo.

Gotta love them Steve Vai grips.


They came in peace with haunting melodic rock.

Oddity, however, came in violence and aggression.

Hardcore! (No, this is not a multiple exposure, and none of this was shot on film.)

The crowd headbangs.

Give me the back mike RAWR!

This was the same crowd that was enjoying the previous, less aggressive music. For once! At gigs, usually, fans of a particular genre or friends of one band would leave when a heavy band comes on.

I love metal, and I love you man.

After the gig ended, emcee Steven surprises us with some jazz covers (yes the guy with a Sid Vicious T-shirt), while the keyboardist teaches the guitarist the chords to a jazz standard.

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