Hard Rock Cafe Melaka

20th June 2015: I finally entered the Hard Rock Cafe in Malacca. But first, here’s a sunny shot from the day before.

The interior is huge! If you’ve been to the dark, original Hard Rock Cafe in Kuala Lumpur, you’ll be amazed at how you enter this one in a wide room and its ceiling further expands. The KL one has memories for me though, as the first place I had alcohol – a Long Island Tea that ordered coolly, as if I had drank before.

The grand stage.

There was Devotion, a band from Indonesia, that night.

They played pop covers.

Probably the best of the three vocalists.

They didn’t play old school pub rockers, so I can’t say it was my cup of tea.

Very daring – retuning your double-locking floating bridge guitar on stage in between songs! Anyone who owns a double-locking floating bridge knows how much of a risk this is.

That guitar was labelled to be related to Faith No More. Whether it was used in recording, live or just as an autographed guitar, I can’t tell.

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