Feedback Open Mic @ The Bee Jaya One ft. Cassandra Mary & Tasha Aleia / July 2015 Edition

14th July 2015: Feedback Open Mic @ The Bee Jaya One ft. Cassandra Mary & Tasha Aleia / July 2015 Edition. Here’s Angel Ang!

Mikhail Raiyan.


Ariff AB.

Beverly Rachel, with a haunting voice.

Reza Salleh, emcee and organizer.

Sam Lopez.

Twinkle Town Heroes. Interesting harmonies!

First featured act, Cassandra Mary.

Second featured act, Tasha Aleia!

Backing her this time were the boys from Reharmnation. I’m used to seeing her with her acoustic guitar because she has some heck of a rhythm.

She was enamored to see, in the audience, Najwa Mahiaddin. She sang at a previous Feedback Open Mic and was deemed the best act of the night, thus given the chance to open for the artiste of the night at The Bee, Publika, for their Lot 36 show. It so happened that Bassment Syndicate was the band that night, and Idris (the guitarist/bassist formerly known as Fook) was playing in the band, and his wife, Najwa Mahiaddin, was there!

And so, she decided then to cover a Najwa song that Saturday night.

This Tuesday, however, she covered Najwa Mahiaddin – Got To Go. (I’d seen her cover Ain’t That A Shame previously.)

And hey, guess who was in the audience to see Tasha – Najwa herself! She went up with her husband as Shakey Shakey.


Edya Enessa, Tasha’s best friend, took the vocals. They also have an awesome vocal harmony duo group called Tashness!

Aalex Tarmizi.


Zalila Lee.

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