A Gripping Tale

And now, for Part Two of my gripping tale of how I hold my Sony Alpha 700. Part One is here.

This is the standard, intuitive grip. The thumb lands on the AF/MF button, but the Drive, WB and ISO buttons are notably out of reach, on the top surface. A few friends who had the A700 also wondered if we had the common affliction of having Asian-sized hands.

wkcheang also reports discomfort, that the bottom-right corner of the camera leaves uncomfortable pressure upon his palm. I never faced such a problem; I always felt it to be soft and rounded.

Those of you who have had a smaller SLR would probably tuck their last finger under the grip. I used to do that with my ol’ Sony Alpha 100.

However, when I do that with the A700, something else happens – my thumb can now reach the top three buttons with ease, and the first joint of my thumb presses the AF/MF button and operates the rear dial!

The aforementioned pressure to the palm is also gone.

And this is the leftie grip which I learnt from Asyraf and Ted. With some amount of dexterity, you could even operate everything with your left hand alone!

5 thoughts on “A Gripping Tale

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    Ah! Yes the third finger makes more sense for me (ignore the picture) since I can use my first finger to operate the top plate buttons. Depending on where your front dial is, you could use the other fingers to operate that, too!


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