I’ve been lacking sleep again. It’s the time again where I rush assignments. This one was about security and some other networking stuff that I couldn’t remember. All I remember was one way in – “Hacking by stupidity”.

Ironic, then, that I should find that it applied to today. Not that I got hacked or anything, but I realized people make themselves to easy to be hacked. Information is free and easy to get. I’m not a skilled stalker; the stalkees are easy targets. No, I’m not a stalker, either. I’m just an overcurious person who was challenged.

Heck, I’m easy to stalk myself. I know it, but I’m not afraid, least not very. Of course, ask me ASL and I’ll torment you and act blur at the same time. 🙂

Friends can betray you oh so easily. And not even intentionally. Not even knowing it.

I’d find it hard to disappear in real life. Some of me wouldn’t want to, so I’d live with it. Don’t worry – I won’t disappear! I’m not exactly independant. 🙁

Maybe a part of me wants to hold on. Maybe a part of me dares to. Maybe a part of me doesn’t know how to. Maybe a part of me doesn’t want to.

Sometimes I feel I’m wearing a signboard
It protects me from the sun that is so hot
It may be glaring and revealing everything
I hide in the clouds high at the top
But the agitation causes rain to drop
I fall in the dusk and wake in the morning

3 thoughts on “K.M.K.M.A.

  1. CaryNa da bOmbdefusah Post author

    ‘Friends can betray you oh so easily. And not even intentionally. Not even knowing it.’

    How freaking true. Hate those very much.Bah.

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    uneeq: I fear I can’t be your breakfast buddy. College is shifting tides and times again!

    The irony of friends. You never know, you never ever ever know.

  3. uneeq Post author

    ASL pls.. hehe.

    true, friends can betray u easily.

    ey, im still your breakfast buddy riiiigghhtt?

    oh lookie….i wrote the subject!!!!


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