Mary Surprise

16th January 2016: Mary’s surprise birthday party! Mary is my metalhead friend who is so metal, she has decapitated flowers at her party. So brutal!

Surprise, there are performances! Here’s Mystery Tapes.


Rock and roll.

They did a cover of Backstreet Boys – Everybody and the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers theme song.

Gotta love the Epiphone non-reverse Thunderbird bass.

Beatrice & Anwar. I merged two shots together where the focus was different.

Beatrice then takes the guitar.

Jay Kughan!

Not sure which band this is.

Fabien Thomas, who planned the surprise for his fiancee Miriam, picks up the microphone.

He became a rock star.

Anwar the shredder.

That grunge look.

Birthday cake time!

I don’t remember why I didn’t have any cake. It has nothing to do with me being Team Mustaine, by the way.

So metal, she has a hidden Mickey with 3 ears.

More performances!

Velan, who runs BullsEye Pub, gets on drums.

Fabien then returns to bass.

Motorhead – Ace Of Spades was covered. We then wondered who would do a Lemmy tribute!

Jay sang, too!

Talking about momma’s briyani, for sure.

Abu sang Offspring – Self-Esteem. He has a damn cool job as a game scriptwriter. Seeing how games have barely any storyline, his role is rare!

Beatrice joins.

It soon became a We-Are-The-World singalong, except that wasn’t the song.

Nicole-Ann surprised us all with a cover of Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven.


As they say, Fabien is spoiling the market for us guys, throwing an elaborate surprise party with gig for his fiancee. They, with a third person, run Zazz Productions, an event company with some pretty spectacular events, some of which I’ve been for.

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