Flu Ridden Scaredy Cat

That’s me. My momma and my poppa don’t need to warn me of no Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome for me to be quiver in my boots.

What’s even scarier is that there’s no cure. It ends just like that.

I just came back from Sri Aman’s Interact International Understanding day in the morning. Before that I was shivering in the morning, while having breakfast with the Xfresh Crew. We came back to the office in the afternoon, to leave for a birthday party at night.

It is sundawn as I write this and I have been freezing. If I type any harder my fingers would probably crack. 🙁 I have also been sneezing badly and, well, dripping. My temperature has also increased to a scary lukewarm.

Now there’s no doubt that the birthday party is a social oppurtunity, what with the birthday girl inviting her ex-schoolmates. It might be worth noting that she was from a girls’ school. 🙂

The problem is that I have a low immune system. Also, I noticed I have been touching my sensitive nose more often. Although I may not have SARS, I could easily get it there. It’s a major gamble.

Heck, I once correlated having long fingernails to getting sick, since whenever I was really sick I had long fingernails. However, my fingernails are pretty short now…

I’m now waiting for my vehicle-owning-colleagues to get here to pick up the vehicle-less-colleagues from the office. Will I go home or have (pessimistically probably, God forbid) the last night out of my life?

4 thoughts on “Flu Ridden Scaredy Cat

  1. Tiara Post author

    I have a low immune system too – I hate falling sick so easily. Just got the flu last week, thank god it isn’t SARS. {{{{{{{HEALING VIBES}}}}}}}}}

    btw, seems the Xfresh has the flu too – the website isn’t working o_0

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    IU was fun!

    Thanks Dide for your well wishing. I hope the SARS virus dies, too.

    Funny how the guy in charge of the server was also sniffing…


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