WEDNESDAY NIGHT LIVE: Hameer Zawawi’s Album Launch

27th January 2016: WEDNESDAY NIGHT LIVE: Hameer Zawawi’s Album Launch at Merdekarya.

The place looks a fair bit different since the last time I came, 15th February 2014, for a Jumero show.

They’ve soundproofed and crowproofed the place.

More art!

I love one particular quote here.

Hameer Zawawi, emcee and host for the night.

The Last One Awake (Christian Palencia) looks like he just woke up.

He’s got that Edward Scissorhands look.

Ian Tai was next!

And then, Hameer Zawawi played his entire album, in sequence!

Since I had an early version, with a sound of some metal thing dropping loudly in the background in the last song, I was half-expecting to hear it live, since I usually end up hearing the version in my head. This is why I can’t tell if live sound is good.

In a strange twist, that loud sound is also on the CD that I bought that night!

Spotted Herman Ramanado with a very even beard! Love the T-shirt, too.

Cool chairs.

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