27th December 2008: an open house from newlyweds Adlin and Ayu! But first, we meet his brother “I am not Adlin!” Faiz Rosli.

A combination of nice blue skies and cool winds made it a real nice day to have an open house.


Ayu and Adlin!

Warren Chan warms the tempat bersanding. How cool is that invite all your musician friends/colleagues to be your wedding singers!

Ching Ching (middle) never fails to crack me up!

Izzy thinking of a wedding song…

…and her very funky guitar strap.

This dude is named Aizat… (thanks Noel!)

…and this is the rest of his band.

And of course, Reza Salleh, with a fantastic acoustic cover of Stan Bush – The Touch (as requested by Adlin.)

Paolo Delfino tells you to call him.

Remember when you were a kid and the day’s proceedings didn’t make sense to you; instead the object in front of you tillitated your interest more? I remember those days all too well.

Ching and her Ahmad-lookin’ guitarist.

Diyana Shahrom, my pickup-er and KLue page mate. I shall blog about that someday.

And finally, I took a picture with Ayu in the same style that I did, probably the second time I met her!

This was dated, whoa, 17th November 2004.

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