I Like My Metal Vintage

I find it funny that I tend to prefer metal albums that have this vintage sound, as opposed to remasters and later works by the same metal band but with a modern sound.

For example:

Black Sabbath

I prefer the first four albums with Ozzy Osbourne, excluding Ronnie James Dio and Tony Iommi’s newfangled obsession with synthesizers. Sorry Ronnie, you rocked too, but that’s Heaven And Hell now, not Black Sabbath. (RIP Dio.)

Black Sabbath – Paranoid (the sound is a fair bit more amped up)

Ozzy Osbourne

I’ve just started getting into his solo stuff, since I wasn’t before although I had his songs – I never knew why I veered towards certain songs and thought some other songs just sounded… cheesy. Then I read up on Randy Rhoads after rediscovering Mr. Crowley on Guitar Hero: World Tour and I found out I preferred the earlier sound from Randy’s time! (RIP Randy.)

Ozzy Osbourne – Mr. Crowley


There is just something so greasy and grimy when I hear the thrash metal from Kill ‘Em All, and to a lesser extent, Ride The Lightning. Musically I still enjoy the stuff up to the Black album but… I like how the first 2 albums sound, best. (RIP Cliff Burton.)

Metallica – Jump in the Fire


I now sit on their side of the fence in a Metallica-Megadeth argument. Though again, I prefer their early, un-remastered stuff, from the searing hot leads in Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying? to Rust In Peace. Countdown To Extinction onwards had this modern sound which I didn’t quite like. (RIP Gar Samuelson.)

Megadeth – Good Mourning/Black Friday

Oh, and have you heard the first album from The Scorpions? Totally nothing you’ve ever heard before. Unless your name is Adlin “Metalpedia” Rosli.

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