Just Cokin

Random shots, from my Cokin P-series holder, P121 M 3-stop Graduated Neutral Density filter, and P113 +3 Split Field filter.

The Split Field is rarely understood, being a close-up filter sliced exactly in half, so you can focus on objects close to you in one half of the frame, and far-away objects in the other half.

Like so.

Unfortunately it works best with objects that go across the frame, or else you’d have unnatural bokeh nearby.

The 3-stop GND however is one of the most commonly-used filters, and a good reason alone to buy rectangular filters instead of circular, screw-on ones. Here, the GND is oriented with the ND part on the top.

Another one. You wouldn’t be able to get a even exposure otherwise.

The holder I bought holds 3 Cokin filters – so I could combine filters by putting them in different slots.

Finally, just the GND.

3 thoughts on “Just Cokin

  1. Will Post author

    I like how the last picture makes Masjid Jamek and the drain looks so glamorous and romantic when in fact it’s one of the dirtiest places in the city.


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