Ada Apa Dengan Cerita?

My sister borrowed her friend’s Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? VCD. Yeah, the famed teenage love movie from Indonesia. Of course, me being the never-got-a-credit-for-SPM-Malay, could not understand what they were talking about in their thick Indonesian accents, and it didn’t help that this was so original it did not have subtitles.

The gist of the story that I got was that Cinta liked Rangga’s poetry or something. However, she has a boyfriend, who we named ‘Angelo’ because he looked like our cousin of the same name. 😛

Rangga mopes around, talks to her, and gets beaten up. She comes over to his house for lunch and suddenly molotov cocktails get thrown in. I didn’t get that part… Angelo’s revenge perhaps?

Then, Rangga leaves for someplace so far he has to take a plane. Somehow it reminded me of one Gilmore Girls episode where the antihero Jess sulks on a bus, with Rory being oblivious to the fact that he’s leaving town.

At the starting of the movie I could not tell her girl clique apart. In different scenes I’d have to ask my sister which one that one was. The crying one? The one with glasses?

Oh yes, in late response to Lionel‘s claim, I’m not exactly a Rangga as he’d say when we met.

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  1. lionel Post author

    after having watched aadc, some people go through a period of being able to pick out persons who fit the basic rangga template: a reserved guy with looks. it’s not hard to start seeing ranggas everywhere. even i’ve been called one too, see. however, in the same way that you deny similarity to the character, i’m not really… a brooding cynic.

    i forgot most of the details, but the guy’s dad is some controversial political writer or something, and certain people hate him like that, hence the molotovs. this probably had something to do with rangga’s going abroad, but once again, the details escape me.


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