Stingy Poker

That is what I am. I was eating near college when this lady from some shelter comes to sell these gifts, in the name of charity. They even produced a photocopy of the police document that lets them go around asking.

Of course, I had my earphones on. She was doing the introduction and I pretended to be unable to hear her. I took out one earphone and then after a while, the other. Yeah, you gotta love those conversation-stalling devices. (Uh, I use them at work too, hehe…)

Suddenly, the voice of my dead grandfather played back in my head.

“Don’t donate to these people. You should go to the place itself, because you can never tell who is real.”

So I told her that I had only 5 Ringgit and I had to pay for food, drinks and the bus fare home. Wrong timing, I said. I was broke.

Evil I was. I lied.

I went to college, and I had time to burn before heading to Midvalley, so I decided to get some Vitamin D. I headed over to the KLCC side of Ampang Park, and I met the WWF.

The lady sort of stood in my way. She was better looking than the earlier volunteer, so my conversation-stallers came off sooner.

She: Do you know about the WWF? Or you think it’s the wrestling one?
Me: Yeah I know… it’s the one with the pandas in shopping malls with holes in their heads.
She: *opens leaflet* Have you seen this man? (Some Indian dude who’s been some WWF superstar since 1974 or something.)
Me: Nope…
She: Anyway, the WWF needs RM2xx

0 thoughts on “Stingy Poker

  1. ayunami Post author

    sigh…it’s never easy to have people asking for donation to approach you when yo’re having your favourite wantan mee sup. but that’s the thing la…some of these people ARE real. like me. i’m doing this donation thing for college. but we dun approach stranger though. only people we know. hmmm..can i ask donation from u since u know i’m real? ahahaha…

  2. leon Post author

    Hey, I’ve encountered the stupid WWF ‘I need money’ people too. At Amcorp Mall. I said I had no money and that I would donate the next time I would go (I was lying about not having money) and they told me that same crap. ‘Oh, it ends today’.
    Kill those pandas with holes in their heads I tell you!

  3. CaryNa da bOmbdefusah Post author

    Well, most of my friends don’t blog and i still talk about them in my blog anyway…it’s not like people would know what I’m talking about but oh wellllll…
    you’re complaining about coke prices and stuff…hei, in the concert, we’re not allowed to bring bottles of water in so we had to buy and ONE CUP of WATER costed RM 3. It’s stupid and everyone spent at least RM 9 on drinks…heh.

  4. melia Post author

    gasp! you added me? *sniff-sniff*
    you know albert you’re truly one of a kind. I spent like what, 30 minutes convincing you to buy that blardy RM3 car sticker and that was a record. I’ll never ask you to buy anything ever again.NEVAH!

  5. PY Post author

    ugh you you you….that horrendous 1/2 hour wasted so that u’ll concede to part with 3 bucks…you STINGY POKER you.


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