Rock, Paper, and uh… Shirts?

Got on the bus home yesterday. A Chinese lady on my right was smiling, flipping through some photos of some rock concert. Being the Malaysian busybody, I looked towards my right, pretending not to stare too obviously. I could make out some guitars, but they looked blonde. I couldn’t figure out who they were, as rock groups don’t drop by Malaysia often (Linkin Park would be surprising.) I took out the ROTTW rock magazine I just bought at a newsstand, on purpose.

Lady: (In Chinese) Do you want to see it?
Me: Er, who is it?
Lady: Beyond. (Beyond is a Hong Kong rock band.)
Me: Er, no thanks. (I knew who they were but I’ve never heard their stuff.)

I continued reading my magazine. Then somebody just had to call, asking about a local underground band. (I didn’t intend to rub it in that much!) I didn’t even know she had my number.

To add to that, I just had to be in a advice-dispensing conversation with a concerned friend of a friend of a friend. Dangit, don’t worry about the exam next year during the school holidays. It’s just irritating. “But… but… Exams are in nine months!” Don’t gimme that line. To me, it brings the same urgency as “Exams are in one month.” Which is practically no urgency to me. So I’m a lazy slacker, but at least I don’t use that line to avoid going out, or at least, going online.

Oh yes, I went through my shirts today. I didn’t know I had so many free black T-shirts. Alas, the sun pours her love on me.

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  1. PY Post author

    bro? u ain’t heard non of beyond’s stuff? i’m more sorry i didn’t go to beyond’s concert than linkin park’s, and i love linkin park. geez. at least listen to “hoi futt tin hong” and “amani”.


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