Above The E Mark Yet?

A refreshing break. Yay. After feeling the life of a scholarship student awaiting his next payment (well, this is true in a different context) I got lucky. I got my money back. Well, some of it. I am no longer running around town with less than 10 bucks, munching on 30 sen Mamee Monster packets and walking from station to station to save money.

So cursed it be that the company bus wasn’t here this morning. Thankfully, there was the PUTRA Line bus from the Bukit Jalil STAR LRT. Yes, PUTRA Line bus from the Bukit Jalil STAR LRT, not a PUTRA station! Odd odd, but I took it anyway, as it said it was going to ASTRO. Yay. 50 sen for that short ride.

If only it would be as easy to catch the same bus back (I’m writing this at the office.) Getting out of ASTRO has always been a pain when it’s one of those self-appointed public-holiday Saturdays. Rightfully, the first and third Saturdays should be holidays. This was a second Saturday! There should have been a company bus!

Not to mention that there are no cabs passing ASTRO. Well, at least people have credited my athletic looking legs. Perhaps if I am lucky, I shall catch the bus. If not, it shall be a 20 minute stroll past the Bukit Jalil school and stadium.

I am cursing the inability of the office burner to overburn CD-Rs. Dangit. I bought 10 800MB CDs to burn a few things, like:

– Counter-Strike 1.6 Steam full installer, 723MB
– Spinal Tap DVD rip, still far away from 701MB (I can only hope it can fit a 700MB one)

* Disclaimer for friends, family and like-minded people of the RIAA: I’d buy the Spinal Tap VCD if I could find it here.

It is hoped that the extremely detached style of writing this post will portray my gender correctly. Go paste some stuff in The Gender Genie! My earlier blog entries may be male or female, depending on the style. Creepy.

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  1. ZebbyJay Post author

    I tried some stuff I’d written, about 10 of ’em and only one of ’em came out female. Sobbeth. I’ve been misgendered.


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