Busy The Bee

Here are 4 different gigs with one thing in common – they were all held at The Bee, Publika, and at all these gigs I only caught two performers or less.

WAMM & VIP presents Nick Davis, 15th January 2013. On stage, from left to right: Jasemaine Gan and Erin Marie of Very Imaginative People Enterprise, and Michael Chen of We Are Malaysian Made.

Opening the show was So I’m Jenn.

Jenn on the left with the ukulele, and Sani on the right with the guitar.

It was then time for Nick Davis, and he performed the spacey Lost In Time.

This rock star has come a long way, with many bands with different sounds.

Entering the frame was Maybelline Wong.

She performed an interpretative dance based on the music.

I have to say, it was pretty intense! Such that if I grazed into her by accident, I would suddenly find myself possessed, moving my body in angles.

The reason why all these pictures are so wide, is because I’d brought only my Sigma 12-24mm F4.5-5.6 EX DG that day. Little did I know that the legendary Robin Wong was also shooting there that night!

The music video for Lost In Time also features Maybelline Wong.

31st January 2013: Gabriel Lynch at The Bee. Opening act for that night was Froya, a delectable band consisting of catchy pop melodies.

There is something about his voice.

It just brings you in.

23rd April 2013: After catching Panggung Muzik, I hitched a ride with Ann Na to The Bee, where Feedback Open Mic @ The Bee Publika April Edition was going on. Here’s the awesome toffee-smelling Eff Hakim!

Eff is ever suspicious of the audience, ever ready to spout her random observations of people, to great amusement.

Faliq on vocoder and guitar. The hair serves a purpose, to spot him above the wall of noise that he makes with electronics on stage.

Together, they form Pastel Lite, and they end the set with a crescendo of bleeps that I consider music to my ears.

Reza, emcee and organizer, overwhelmed by their sound. He was looking shockingly jocky that night.

Ariff AB.

29th April 2013: Bassment Syndicate’s Album Release Party! Here’s Marques “Q’Sound” Young, putting vocals over a deep groove.

Omar on drums.

Fook sometimes plays bass, sometimes guitar. Interestingly this band doesn’t perform with both at the same time.

Vig, probably complimenting a cool T-shirt.

Q’Sound on trombone.

Hiran on keyboards.

The awesome jazz/soul cat Najwa Mahiaddin was invited on stage to sing a duet.

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