Open Mic @ The Venue #4 – Hosted by Az Samad

21st January 2013: Open Mic @ The Venue #4 – Hosted by Az Samad! Here’s Cheryl Tan with Az Samad on guitar.

Aaron Lo, who does a cover of George Michael – Whisper.

Fern Taylor.


Cham, I think.

Remy J, on backing guitar for the first featured act of the night…

Narmi! For some reason this reminds me of Jack Black and Kyle Gass just as they get ready for an epic guitar battle.

Eleventh Maze.

After fixing his guitarist’s mike stand, he sings.

Little switcheroo later.

Amrita Soon, whose songs are as windswept and flowery as is tattooed on the guitar.

Ashley, I think…

Well, I can’t be far off with the necklace…

I usually post drummer pictures when they look cool, like this one.

Likewise with other instruments.

Nabel & The Wedding Band.

Although the lighting color messes with the white balance, I’m glad the lighting is consistently bright, making it manageable.

The band also featured Nina Nadira.

The Venue has plenty of space to maneuver. This is what it looks like from the edge of the bar with the same lens I use for all the tight shots – the Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 135mm F1.8 ZA on the Sony Alpha 99.

Second featured act, progressive alternative rock Tempered Mental.

Jack rips out a solo. I love how Pax Automata, their latest album, has plenty of room for solos.

Gotta love The Venue’s spotlights.

Az Samad, emcee and organizer, was so hyped after the pleasant dissonance, sauntered onto stage feeling the energy.

Dean Shaari did Blackstreet – No Diggity and was joined by Jimmy of Tempered Mental in the second song.

Next was some awesome modern-day metal thanks to Arjun and Lukman. A backing track, one Jackson guitar, and screaming.

Anuar, a bluesman I hadn’t seen in a long time!

Ariff AB.

The pre-synchronized-wardrobe Fazz.

Amirhooman with a flairful classical tune.

Hameerudin Zawawi, the open miker to end all open mikes.

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