Meet Kleptoman… iac!

I’ve updated my Lyrics section, adding Caught For Stealing – Kleptoman! I’ve also bolded the more satirical of my lyrics so you know which is more serious and which is more, uh, funny?

The closest I’ve gotten to lyric modifier Weird ‘Al’ Yankovic was this song, Crime Pays – Absolutely Must Watch. Nothing else comes closer to popular mass media satire.

Gripe of the day: People who always can’t make it.

You know these people. You may even be one of them.

I can make it. Seldom do I say I will make it, and don’t; I seldom say that I can’t make it, either. I’m not tied down by:

– A boy-girl relationship (though I wouldn’t mind ;P )
– College (well so maybe I’m smart)
– Work (I can afford to skip, hehe)
– Parents (I’m a guy, I have a handphone, and I have the house keys!)
– Transport

The last part especially peeves me. I don’t have a driving license, and haven’t started learning. I turned old enough to have a license since the second day of work, and I haven’t had the time to go get out and get one.

And yet, I can go to any shopping mall in town. Here’s a localized example of areas:

Kuala Lumpur City Centre – there’s an subway train right below it, duh!
Bintang Walk area – a train station is a 5 minute walk away.
Midvalley Megamall – another train station a 10 minute walk away, or a 10 minute bus ride from yet another train station.
Sunway Pyramid/Subang Parade – a feeder bus ride from a train station.

The point is that public transport is there! The train station isn’t just there to look pretty, yes? Those raised tracks in the city are not aqueducts (water-carrying drains) but train tracks!

Then, you have buses. Buses are a bit more dinky and smoky and smelly and stuffy, and naturally cooled, but still, it gets you to a popular place!

Last but not least them taxis. The bus or train won’t go all the way, but a taxi would.

“My parents won’t let me go – it’s not safe!”

If you’re fairly street smart, you can take the LRT (high-speed, high-frequency train). It covers the whole city area, and a bit beyond. If you’re worried about being groped or pickpocketed, try to get a seat.

Finally, I leave you with some tips:

How to get a seat in a crowded train

Take the train to the end of the track! (Even if that’s the opposite direction of where you’re going!) Since most people get off before the end, you can get a seat easily!

How to get in an elevator that has lots of people waiting (This I learnt from college!)

Usually, the ground floor of my college will have loads of students waiting to go to the 8th-11th floor, but when the elevator arrives, it can only fit so many people. So how? Take a walk up one or two floors, then take the elevator down!

Sigh. I’ve typed too much for now. Go rest your eyes!

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  1. Rocket Post author

    I’m sorry Albert-O!!

    You know I’m Rocket and I don’t change. But I’m here now and you’re beside me. I treasure you so much. 🙂


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