My First Wishlist… fulfilled!

Hit the bong then sing a song from your schlong
Plunk the funk from a swimming-trunkless hunk
Wait not long not in a thong it’s not wrong
To clear the chunk of gunk from radio junk
God knows plant a rose for his overdose
The band changed their men; a fan even can
Join their throes; music just flows – drugged-out woes
Back to the den, magic sand, no man’s land
Shake them, their life at stake give them a break
To heal from the peeled seal of fine-cut steel
When they wake for their sake just let them make
Their music reveal their zeal, their new feel
Once known Majestic Masters of Mayhem
Rock maximum, buy me their new album!

Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way album cover

(I hope that wasn’t too harsh a wishlist for a first one…)

Edit 17:05 +800 GMT 11th July 2002: I already have the album! Wahey the sock-wearing c*** rock funk punk metal rappers did it again! More on that soon…

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