I am cross-worded, with my new skin, Crosswords! Before this it was the Red Brick skin.

My language has become so slurry, so mangled, this is what came out in inspiration. This is, of course, a metaphorical, artist’s-representation view of what has become of my brain! A 90 degree turn and they all click!

I’ve added two links in my About Me section to some people who seem to be more deserving of website hits that I do. 😛

I’ve also added a whole bunch of Quotes, of all sorts. Just see if you can spot them; I’m too lazy to list them out here. Yes, lazy I am. Lazy is the second letter of my name.

Philosophical brain farting here:

There is so much hate and yet so much happiness when I type. I was feeling all worked out half a day ago, but I am at peace now. What peeves me is not that I was worked out, but that I lost it my worked-up-ness too soon. I didn’t even get to vent it! When I saw those people, the victims, all was forgotten. It seems like I can’t stay pissed long enough to address the problem. Sure, it’s a good thing, but it’s weird knowing that, like a nightmare. Just wake up and it’s all gone.

I was even supposed to blog about at least 3 peeves, but I soon lost the anger; the burning can’t-sleep fire to write about those 3 things. Geez. With the lack of anger, you guys must think I have become a teenybopper once again. I even gave a free CD to my sister, who nonchalantly asked me much much later where I got it. (She was hooked on to Dawson’s Creek at that time.) In fact, that CD is staring at me right now, lying near the monitor. I think to myself – are Steps dead?

What happens to pop acts if they don’t release ‘Greatest Hits’ albums? If releasing a ‘Greatest Hits’ is any indication of short-livedness, then I am glad, for Westlife has released that! (I know, the Backstreet Boys released their ‘Greatest Hits’ too, but I liked BSB much better than a bunch of weenie Irish copycats!)

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