Called Back From The Dead

Life has been screwed up recently, but heck – I am here to blog happily! (I will tell my horrific tragic stories later…)

My spanking new Nokia 3315! :PTake for example my vibrating, ringtone-composing, picture-message-drawing Nokia 3315! Sure, I adored and held on to my old Siemens C30 and its unique redness, but no – I must move on. The C30 didn’t have predictive text input, custom ringtones or The battery died 12 hours after 10 minutes of talk time. Half-an-hour of talk-time would have the same effect, but the point was that it was unpredictable. So I got myself one this last Sunday and gave the C30 to my mum (who promptly changed the glaring red backlight to a pale lime yellow.)

“It looks just like a Nokia 3310!”

Yeah, yeah, I know. It even fits the shape. What’s the big difference that made me pay 25% more than a Nokia 3310? Here’s what: (and it will be an article on Xfresh soon, y’hear?)

Auto-keylock. To think that only now Nokia would think of it, huh? Even an old brick like the Ericsson A1018S has it. So far, this is the only Nokia model out where I am that has this feature. And heck yeah I love it. There’s no longer that nagging feeling that you may be putting it in your pocket to be poked by your keys, accidentally SMSing other people (or worse.) Sometimes before I keep it away, I stare at it just to see it lock itself. Ah, the wonders of technology.

Blob-like keys. These soft-edged keys make it easier for your thumb to slide as you SMS. However, it still retains a solid, tactile feel (though nothing beats the C30, force-feedback-wise!)

– A Lithium-Ion battery. The Nokia 3330 (like a 3310 on WAP) had that, which is wayyy lighter than the 3310’s Nickel Metal-Hydrate batteries.

Reminders. While this is not up to Personal Digital Assistant / Personal Organizer standards, it sure beats having to carry a calendar around. I’m not so sure how the 3310 does it, though. 😛

– And last but not least the best way to pass time waiting – a picture message editor! Before this one had to go through websites, dig up credit cards and pay somewhat, or connect the handphone to a PC, but now it’s possible to do it on your phone! And best still, it’s not completely a tedious pixel-based process – you get some vector-based shapes to insert like circles, boxes, text and fills!

A close-up of my screen saverDo you want this exclusive Glaring Notebook screensaver on your handphone? Order now! Email your handphone number to me with a good reason why you visit my site often. 😉 I also do requests (I made an Afro for a birthday girl!)

“Yeah, but doesn’t the Nokia 3350 have almost all that?”

Sure, it’s got 6 keys besides the numeric digits and the */# pair, but it’s ugly. Ugly, I tell ya. Unsightly. It’s got lights that follow the ringtone, but I’m not into that. It’s got WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) but I’m not into that, either. It’s got phone memory, but I haven’t that many contacts. (This is a hint to give me your number, dangit!) It’s got 6 keys, but I think 4 is enough.

Also, I can masquerade my 3315 as a 3310. I can tap into the vast market of 3310 covers, unlike the misshapen 3350. It’s backward compatibility baby! Need I say more?

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  1. dJcs Post author

    I got my sister this very phone as a birthday gift and the purchase was nonetheless influenced by your review! But does the 3310 casing really fit the 3315 though? I haven’t tried it myself (the phone is wrapped in brithday wrappings at this time of writing!) but wouldn’t them blobbed keys be in the way and make it a rather tight squeeze?

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