Back Whack!

Yes I am back from the land of whack where I will not have a corny knack of hitting the sack with my sonnets!

What’s a sonnet anyway? It’s simply an ababcdcdefefgg poem, with 10 syllables per line! (Read my sonnets and you might catch the idea.)

Anyway, I’ve updated my blog viewing system – you don’t have to click on each archived post to read it! Instead, you get to skip pages of 28 days’ worth of your health peppy poppy high-calorie Glaring Notebook adjective-injected posts!

Oh, and if you wonder what’s with this Red Brick skin having the Glaring Notebook signboard as text, it’s because it’s expandable! The Red Brick skin is designed to be horizontally and vertically liquid (as with a lot of other skins on this site!) Liquid in this case means expandable. Of course, there is a minimum width for this Red Brick skin, but it lives well within the lowest VGA resolutions one can point a stick or set a monitor at!

You may wonder why I don’t write about work. No, it’s not because they are watching. It’s more like the dynamics of work and stuff move too quickly for it to settle down in my brain. Everything happens too fast, I don’t have time to document. That’s why I write sonnets in college to describe my general feelings. That’s also why my crap ends here – because my bedtime is near! (Corny corny corny I know…)

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