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There has been hoo-ha among Malaysians and Singaporeans online about who is a blogger, and who is qualified to be called a blogger.


If Google wasn’t so nice, they’d sue all of us, because a quick hop to reveals a little Copyright � 1999 – 2005 Google at the bottom. So people, stop calling yourselves blogg… er, you know, that word.

A blog was originally defined as someone who puts a link and writes a small commentary about it. Right Lionel? Therefore, Xiaxue and Dawn Yang do not own a blog. If we write about our daily lives, we are writing in journals, not blogs, as we do not follow the format. The word journalist already implies underpaid writers with limited freedom of speech and ethics. We don’t get paid, we are free to say anything and make baseless claims, so we’re far off from journalists. Journallers perhaps.

So, who really owns an account on the Internet that can be rightly called a blog? Kahsoon, of course.

I met the hot FireAngel outside Zouk, while waiting for my friends to come so I could get them in on my guest list (as opposed to the other way round, suckers!) Of course, I forgot to take a picture as proof, but Albert never lies on his blog. He may be sarcastic but he never lies!

So where were all the other blogg… I mean, journallers? They didn’t have such a happening social life, obviously. There we stood, two relative journal heavyweights, waiting for friends. Journal heavyweights meaning, we’ve both read each other’s blogs but never acknowledged each other’s presence (or were officially introduced in real life for that matter!)

Meanwhile, 95% of the journal heavyweights were at home, refreshing Project Petaling Street, slinging permalinks and trackbacks.

I think permalink is a very ga… no, even if I was gay, I would not use the term permalink. See the Replies link below? That is the link to this journal entry.

For more annoying terms, Maddox already beat me to it.

5 thoughts on “Blog Uh

  1. lionel Post author

    Do remind me. Yeah, anyway, you’re correct about the original definition, except for it being a “someone”.

    Frankly this is what I always liked about your blog: it’s so not gay… I mean, you’ve done without that term. The elegant minimalism.

    Me, I’m just too lazy to de-gay my readymade blog template for now.

    p.s. But I want RSS.

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