Love Me Butch’s Video

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Love Me Butch – Hollywood Holiday

This video way beats anything I’ve ever seen on MTV, as far as emo-punk bands go. (Screenshot stolen from Reza.)

Yes, for those not in the know, Love Me Butch is one of Malaysia’s finest rock bands. They mastered (somewhat progressive) nu-metal in their first album, with Syahrul doing a wicked emo vocal tone on the second album, flipping between wails and growls. They do it live too, without him singing offtune; a feat very difficult for any emo punk band.

Also, will someone agree with me that DJCS looks like the vocalist?

14 thoughts on “Love Me Butch’s Video

  1. syakir Post author

    The video emulates what you would expect from a Western band which is an achievement locally, but I don’t feel it offers anything that differentiate them on the inetrnational stage.

    Whatever it is, I love LMB.. so keep on supporting them, peeps.


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