Happy (Chinese?) New Year!

This is so majorly procrastinated it amuses noone. At least most of these aren’t last year’s pictures. While all of you are going, “Happy Chinese New Year!” I release them “Happy New Year!” pictures.

I was at Shelley’s for New Year’s Eve 2005 to New Year’s 2006, at Cheras, atop a hill, where we could see fireworks, have a barbeque party and drink from her parents’ winery products. 😉

Marshmellows, when melted on lamb, look like rosebuds.

From the balcony, beware the hot pit below!

This was the wide view.

About every shot was using a shutter speed of 15 seconds, F5.5, manual focus at infinity, ISO 50.

Okay, so it might’ve been a bit too far…

KL Tower goes down in flames.

The fireworks almost reach the top of the Petronas Twin Towers!

Swallowing it.

Fear not kids, this isn’t the work of terrorists.

They needed bomohs to rain all this smog down. The entire day, 31st December 2005, it rained heavily, to clear the skies for the night.

I have to say, the neighbors had far more funky fireworks.

At least near enough, that is. So I’ll be in town on Independence Day, so I could do them experiments with fireworks.

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