Troubadours Open Doors and KLPAC Attack

So I headed down to Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre, Sentul, on the 26th of February 2006, for Troubadours Open Doors. Fazri and I photographically geeked out in the park after that, but that’s another blog entry yet to come.

But first, I wanted to take a picture of the taps with flash, like Cheneille did, where flashing it would turn on all the taps at once, but alas! They changed the taps (note the platforms below the taps.) It was back to traditional methods. Oh yeah? I could still take a picture with all the taps on.

KLPAC is a major beauty, and the show was at Pentas 2. Note how a double bass rests.

Kevin of Broken Scar likes the view.

I loved the lights. Superbly bright spot lighting allowed for comfortable ISO200 shots at 1/20 second exposures.

The floor is his stage, and it is big.

And so we invite Alda, who finally has an excuse to bring out his double bass, to play for Broken Scar.

I am training myself to be ambidextrous; here, Kevin’s camera is used to record a video.

Next up is Ian Chow. No wait, that’s his percussionist.

Yup, this is the man. The man with a voice so powerful he doesn’t need a mike. He also organized the gig, so look for him if you want a spot.

Azmyl Yunor, you know, is a folk legend. He busked in Australia and lectured in Malaysia. He sings folk tales with a Dylanesque drawl. And you know, only Bob Dylan gets the -esque postfix.

Hey that’s Kevin’s guitar! Yeah, noticed the loose G string in the previous picture? It snapped.

Da Praise Project played next. Good comtemporary Christian music.

Cut to bored crowd. Nah, kidding. This shot was taken earlier.

Hey man, when are we gonna cut to the atmospheric ambient song?

Yeah bro, I want to solo.

I can’t wait for the funky technoish song.

Tony Leo, vocalist, obliges to all their requests. After the praise and worship songs, that is.

And in the true spirit of praise and worship songs, we go, “ONE MORE TIME!

Except, of course, I don’t play more songs. I put more pictures.

From left to right, then top to bottom: Loose cannon; retired cartoon characters; funky-painted stone benches; old meets new; a bush maze; I reached the center and touched the tree of life; those buggers didn’t fill the pond; old stones have peeling moss, gross.

From left to right, then top to bottom: Sad to see old dilapidated stone benches; a twin tower between twin towers; a cow koi fish swims; in the Sentul Park Koi Centre; a metal swan; a stone pond.

From left to right: The metal swan reflects infrared; the trees say, “ain’t nobody gonna hold me down“; a pathway to the Japanese restaurant there.

And now, we head back to Sentul Park for some good ol’ reflections.

Look ma, no floor!

I like how the trees bring a new sense of orientation.

More infrared, baby.

Synchronizing swings (man these are big!) and then choosing the smallest aperture (in my camera’s case, F8) will give a slower shutter speed needed for this.

That’s all folks. Go home and spread the word!

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