Ring, Oh?

So I told a heavily-plugged sadako-lookalike that I have never seen a Korean horror movie.

Her sweet, innocent, pretty smile with windswept hair (I swear my left hand wasn’t holding it up, or anything else for that matter) quickly changed to one of disbelief.

Ouch! Something got in my eye!” (Note the weird finger contortion and extending fingernails.)

I felt something get in my eye too, and when I stopped rubbing my eyes, I looked up and shrieked to this.

Needless to say, Underworld 2: Evolution was relatively unviolent and ungory in comparison to my encounter with a real sadako. Now I don’t even dare to hold her hand during the scary bits!

Edit: Hmmm. I should’ve told her that I have not watched a single Tomb Raider movie.

Metal flows in my veins, and I tried to be gothic.

P.S. You must watch the first Underworld or you might not understand who is who and what is going on (e.g. about evil mystery wolves) and who is whose father and creator etc. I know I didn’t.

10 thoughts on “Ring, Oh?

  1. cyber-red Post author

    i absolutely loved underworld pt 1. dunno if they killed part 2.

    and yes u look freakkyyyyyyyyyyyy


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