Star Wars Was, Is. Has. Transformers!

So I bought the brand new Star Wars Transformers. (I got it a while back; just got Luke Skywalker to complete the first set.)

For its price, which was 75% of a Transformer Alternator, it was amazingly detailed. It took after the Star Wars series, with a penchant for detail and quality.

Featuring the cowardly robot.

The one who would teach them all.

The heavy-breath-taking father.

The eager son.

Note the paintjob on the helmet! Superb craftsmanship.

I might as well take time to squeeze in a little photography lesson; when taking macro shots, switch to Aperture Priority if you have such an option, and change the aperture to say F5.6 to get more of the picture in focus. F2.8 (on the left) means that less of the picture would be in focus. Below is a missile from Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing; note the ball-release mechanism. I loved it compared to the spring-loaded missile launchers because it was less likely to jump out during transformation.

Yes, that’s right kids; the mini-me figurine can fit in their vehicles! Major props for the innovative design. Also, all except General Grevious’ Wheel Bike have smart ways of storing their lightsabers when in vehicle mode (and no, it doesn’t turn off and retract.)

And I wonder too; if Obi’s mini-me is in scale to his Jedi Starfighter, and his droid is in scale to it too, and Luke is in scale with R2D2 and X-Wing, why is Obi’s droid so big?

Anyway, action figures were meant to be posed, as much as their articulation would allow, and boy are these Transformers articulate. Sure, they have the chunky old-school look, but I love it. In a way, it was like the transforming ship in Spaceballs.

Yeah, yeah, technically this scene could never happen.

Luke, I am your father.

What a way to do a DNA test. At least the videos were good, none of that Wookie-on-Gungan trash.

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