Trouble Gangs Us

Troubagangers, La Bodega KL, 5th February 2006; the pictures follow.

Justin Wong, on Suzuki-branded acoustic guitar, gets flashed by fans.

Broken Scar sings songs in the key of major.

Lisa‘s guitar sounded jangly and piercing, perhaps due to bad sound EQ?

Errol de Cruz does some good ‘ol country.

Zack Tay features band slut Alda.

Su Ann reads poetry.

Ian Chow‘s voice doesn’t need a mike.

The Sofa Sessions feature Fikri the crooning waiter.

Finally, Rafil projects his masterpiece manifesto with Panda Head Curry. They had what they called an interactive performance; when they sang the Gator Farm song, they passed out KFC Chicken Popcorn, so we could experience the chorus:

And it tastes like chicken, smells just like chicken, finger lickin’ chicken, fine!

With Ben of Ben’s B***hes as backing vocals and guitar, they then went on to hilarious songs about Kim Jong-il and homophobia. I wish I kept the lyrics sheet.

And yes, Rafil does look like a Panda Head. Yes, I know, my Photoshop skills aren’t as good as yours.

For an alternate take, check out The Troubagangers Report and Edrei‘s account.

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  1. yeemeng Post author

    heheh =p lishun and i from the same highschool; and it’s spelt zach btw =p looks like it’s going to stick..


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