V For Victory

Why, in general, do English-educated bloggers frown upon, and make fun of girls (and boys, especially boys) who act cute and flash the peace victory sign in pictures?

Is it because we are predisposed against overly cute things?


It is because, of all the poses overused when taking pictures, it symbolizes that the person using the gesture is harmless. If we make fun of you, we can get away with it, because you will not come and kick my ass. (Unless you can claw someone to death.)

If you are male, all the more we will make fun of you. “Oh look a pansy, let’s make fun of him!

Yeah, we could make fun of the kids who make the Devil’s Horns gesture, but they’ll kick your ass. They’ll smash a beer bottle and shove it up you. It is not wise to assume that they learnt it only from Avril Lavigne.

We could insult angsty people with their middle fingers in the air, but they’d come back and flame us.

So what are kawaii cute girls going to do? Make you claw your eyes out with their cuteness? What if they’re not that cute to begin with?

7 thoughts on “V For Victory

  1. Lainie Post author

    the cutesiness is just annoying and girls who act cute to get attention get….a very annoyed…part of my attention.

    capitalising on resemblance to pre-hormone days to make someone feel dominant / protective? Bleurgh.

  2. Laynie Post author

    It’s a call for creativity, and also because some people don’t see the appeal of the ‘peace’ sign.

    It all started out when there were pictures of big groupd of girls who flashed that sign and then scribbled all over the picture ‘kawaiiiii’ (some of them were cute but some weren’t ya know), which even you have to admit, is kind of annoying.

    Till now, people still think it’s annoying because these girls only flash the Peace sign because they couldn’t come up with more creative poses. I think it’s okay–as long as the girl striking the pose is younger than 20. No, make that 18.

  3. YK Post author

    cute, another word for "ugly but adorable"

    I begged to differ. Chinese-educated bloggers too frown upon and make fun of giels and boys, yup, especially boys who act cute. And not only they are harmless, they are nothing short of pathetic. Especially the boys.

  4. jen Post author

    okayla… u and ur cheeserland..


  5. Edrei Post author

    Cute is good…when its not turned into a mass market for tweens and teens. Unfortunately…it is. It isn’t the sense of individual brightness that you smile at. It’s just another clone of something we tend to see all too often.

    Ho hum

  6. Will Post author

    Trying to look cute is one thing, understanding the significance of the V sign is another. Many people don’t know what it really means, only to blindly do it. How shallow. And it is that shallowness that we frown upon.


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