Covers’ Night Special

29th May 2014: Covers’ Night Special, at Laundry Bar, The Curve! This is Ray Cheong, guitar fingerstyle extraordinaire, with a whole lot of Motown soul.

His leg picked up a gig as a percussionist.

Outside, I discovered a crinkle-cut ashtray.

Narmi back on the inside.

Clara sees from across the sea of 90s to modern day covers.

Outside again, renovation is taking place.

Zalila Lee, a veteran coverer.


Faz on guitar, with a cool Transformers T-shirt, and a new gizmo…

…that transforms her voice.

Yvonne’s voice needs no transformation.

A big fan, behind her.

For when you forget the lyrics.

Clara Cheong and I up close!

Then there was a commotion – it was somebody’s birthday!

Melina William. Oh boy!

(Click for bigger picture.)

A crazy reunion of so many familiar faces, including Stephanie the long-lost drummer!

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