Crinkle Cut & Russell Curtis Project @ Rockafellas

7th June 2014: Crinkle Cut & Russell Curtis Project @ Rockafellas.

Down at Rockafellas, Intan Square, near Armada Hotel, opposite Asia Jaya LRT station.

Melissa on guitar!

Ashley on cajon!

Grace on keys!

Frances on vocals and emo, emo stares. *sohot*

Red Ash hair, I see what I did there.

Part of the crowd, with a radio deejay whose name and station I do not remember.

Then came a dude with cool shoes.

Accompanying him was Tok Khon, a fonky keyboardist known for playing in John Thomas & Phunk Mob. Yes, it’s so funky it’s spelled fonky.

Steve Nanda on drums.

And, of course, the charming Russell Curtis on guitar and vocals, who also owns the place.

This band was Russell Curtis Project.

I mistakenly assumed, for some reason, that they were going to play together on the same stage at the same time – and thinking about it while at an earlier gig made me realize the urgency and head over to this gig. Oh silly me!

Audrey then hijacked my camera and took this picture.

Melissa then hijacked my camera and took this picture, I think.

I then switched to the 24mm for wide shots like these.

Audrey and Frances with Steve (who I think looks like what Darren Ashley might look like when he’s a bit older.)

Crinkle Cut, plus 2.

Iron (Nail) Man.

Almost Crinkle Cut. Melissa was missing from this picture since she was behind the camera.

I then pointed out the selfie-friendly swivelling LCD of my Sony Alpha 99 and she did her classic overhead selfie.

One more, with the rest of us in focus!

Crinkle Cut and the Potatoes. If they were sweet, they’d be farn shie fansee!

And now, for a random throwback, with a picture I’ve not posted before, nearly 8 years ago – 15th June 2006, Laundry Bar, The Curve, where Curtis Blues Review (not to be confused with later Russell Curtis bands) played at Project Bazooka Band Night (then described as 3rd place winner for Blast Off, a battle-of-the-bands competition organized by hitz.TV.) But I remember this band best, for when they played at the Sunway College prom and there was a massive congo dance line thanks to their awesome blues/funk/rock-and-roll set.

This area, the original stage, is now a seating area, with a small stairway heading up to where the audience is in this picture.

The bassist, Zaim, did not appear to have his bass tone just yet.

This throwback is of Tok Khon, in John Thomas & Phunk Mob, 5th August 2006, with his keytar, at the Sunrise Mont Kiara Jazz & Rhythm Fest 2006. Those were the days when the yearly jazz fest was held at Sunrise Mont Kiara – now shifted to the Publika Jazz Festival, also a Sunrise development. This picture was taken with Yin’s camera – the Panasonic DMC-FZ20, with a constant F2.8 zoom, making it the hottest camera back in its time for its ambitious lens.

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