Fete De Late Musique 2014

21st June 2014: Fete De La Musique 2014 at Jalan Mesui, off Bukit Bintang! Here’s the late evening half of it.

Back2Basixx at Table 23, the Pop Stage.

Knights of vocal harmony.

Hameer Zawawi, prince of dark melody, at Lima Blas, the Traditional Stage.

Caleb Savari (also on guitar, not depicted) at Pisco Bar, the Indie/Electro-pop Stage.

His band of awesome musicians!

I first saw him at the ICOM Celebration Series Tribute to Bee Gees.

Talitha Tan, just over 2/3rds of 23, at Table 23.

Very cool guitar!

Danielle videographing while looking like she’s on a catwalk.

Fete De La Musique, for me, isn’t just about the music, but a mini-reunion of the scene, and bumping into old friends.

The lyrics sheet that doubles as a light source.

Cassandra Mary is pure rock. Lima Blas.

Crinkle Cut, disco at the Pisco. Well no, they don’t play disco.

Frances on soul vocals.

Melissa on backup vocals and acoustic guitar.

Ashley on cajon.

Just a Grace in the crowd.

The vocal effects blows Ashley away.

Nah here no duckface!

Son Of A Policeman (SOAP) at Table 23.

The band also merged with Nate Francis, Aaron Francis, Mustafa Kamal Yahya from Revolution Kingdom, Ravin Puspalingam and Rachel Bridget Chee to form Sabun Kingdom Alliance Force (SKAF). Thanks Joshua for the heads up on the band name!


The guitarist also gets on the melodion.

Eyyy Maria! Their catchy song has a dress code.

Bill Murray spotted in Table 23.

Hameer Zawawi, Table 23.

KissKillMary, actual disco rock at Pisco Bar.

The band.

This was before Jenn asked…

…do you want to take a selfie?

Like Silver.

This, at Nagaba, the Electronica/Hip-hop Stage. Very cool interior.

Left to right: Adeline Chua (also from Halfway Kings), Adlin Rosli (also from Lied), Eng Hooi (also from Sulyn Ooi and Halfway Kings), and Sulyn Ooi (also from Sulyn Ooi and The Vochale Project).

And of course, Eugene (whose bands are too many to list or remember.)

Avril Chan and Arlyne!

Shaneil Devaser with Riz, at Table 23.

Santosh Logandran, Lima Blas. Yes, I attempted to merge 3 separate pictures together.

Part 1 here.

There’s one more part remaining. Soon, I hope!

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