Fete Day La Musique 2014

21st June 2014: Fete De La Musique Malaysia 2014 at Jalan Mesui, off Bukit Bintang! Here’s the day half of it; I’ll upload the evening ones and some other shots later. Here’s Santosh Logandran with a cool ukulele strap. I like how it grabs on to the soundhole!

His guitarist. This was the Acoustic Stage in front of Feeka, a new hipster coffee shop.

Christian Theseira, at Lima Blas that had the Traditional Stage (they serve my favorite Malaysian coffee, tasting a bit like Kopiko…)

He had a different lineup – Melissa of Crinkle Cut on guitar…

…and Ashley of Crinkle Cut on cajon!

Melissa and her megawatt smile.

Emcee for another location, Table 23, for the Pop stage.

In Lobby, the Rock Stage, was hard-rocking Black Lightbulb featuring Hameer Zawawi.

I… don’t know her name. She looks like Simmy, but I can’t be sure.

Zaim Zaidee is zen.

Ash and the crash (cymbal).

Raja Farouque (right) with his bandmate from when he performs as Raja Farouque.

More of his bandmates, all in separate bands! Left to right: Grace Cho (in Fazz) and Kelly Siew (as Kelly Siew).

Hameer singing rock vocals, a rare sight – the last I’d seen him like this was for Ask Me Again, back at Rock The World 9, 26th December 2009.

I then switched to my Peleng 8mm F3.5 circular fisheye, that makes a circular image. This, however, is a defished image in DxO Optics Pro Elite – de-fisheye slider set to 100.

Farouque’s metal guitar slide for some sweet soloing.

Headbanging Hameer.

Outside, back at Feeka, was a quieter gig.

Joey Tong. Her guitar duty was transferred to the cajon player from this point onwards.

A friend compared the lineups between Fete De La Musique happening at The Curve and Jalan Mesui (on this same day) and said, “oh Jalan Mesui has the husky-voiced YouTube singer.” I don’t know if she was referring to Joey.

But yes, somewhat husky. Cool maneki-neko top!

Cassandra Mary at Table 23.

Another emcee!

Just So You Know.

Talitha Tan at Feeka.

Always the cheery summer child.

Familiar audience!

SICK, back at Lobby.

These guys bring me back…

…to the early 2000s with Limp Bizkit-like stuff. He had an angry song about his ex. I miss songs like these.

Outside, at Table 23, was Panda Head Curry.

Ever quirky, as much performance art as it is music and clever lyrics.

Jumero at Lima Blas. This picture is merged and blended from two pictures.

Back at Lobby…

…was HIX.

Nice! Epiphone Signature Zakk Wylde LP Custom Plus.

Rock, as the stage is.

Sulyn Ooi at Feeka.

Eugene’s sweet neck-through bass.

According to the schedule, this would have been Jocelyn Wong, but I didn’t see her when I dropped by to take these pictures. (Fete De La Musique schedules everyone on at the same time, so you have to do a bit of walking and you might miss some people, unless they have been scheduled to perform more than once at a few venues.)

Liam Callan.

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