Dash x Bassment Syndicate Live at No Black Tie

6th July 2014: Dash x Bassment Syndicate Live at No Black Tie.

The boys of Darren Ashley’s band, Dash, are back again.

All in red and suits.

No suit, just tie.

Darren picks up his ol’ acoustic guitar for a throwback to his pre-electropop days… but the songs escalate into electropop eventually.

View from upstairs.

Full house.

Massive drum (not) solo! Also, Isaac has gotta have more cowbell!

Darren with one KAOSS Pad today, instead of the usual two. Also note his red towel!

View from the balcony.

Here’s their last song for the night, We Are Over Here. (Thanks Isaac and Dash for the name!)

Next up: Bassment Syndicate!

I like that they always bring their own lighting.

There is probably a spookier angle, but I did not take it.

Upstairs, Clara and I.

Monica encourages us to drink water. It’s good for you!

Artsy shot by artsy Clara.

Jeremy and Monica. Not my blurry in-the-club shot.

Drunk on F&N, obviously.

I didn’t have one of Bassment Syndicate’s funky LED lights so my phone screen would have to do.

So back to the band, with Marcus.

He invited on stage…

…the amazing Najwa Mahiaddin!

If I remember correctly, they did the neo-soul Bassment Syndicate feat. Najwa – Confusion. A really groovy, smooth track.

Fook also sings, sometimes, alternating between bass and guitar. This gives the band an interesting sound, that’s not too full in that guitar and bass sound, to be filled up by keyboards…

…or trombone.

They also invited Darren Ashley up.

They’d performed together before.

The crowd was asked to get up!

I haven’t seen the crowd stand up in No Black Tie, to the best of my memory.

I forgot this guy’s name. Eric something, I think, in town for a bit.

For some reason, the way he looks reminds me a lot of Murphy Kenneth Hibbert…

…also known as Bleeding Gums Murphy, Lisa Simpson’s saxophone mentor in The Simpsons!

Meanwhile, outside, Feeka, the hipster coffee shop next door, had a sign that said “Close”. I think we can tell. It was open earlier in the day, so I don’t know why they’d have to put a sign!

On the other side of Jalan Mesui was this signboard.

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