Lot 36: Bassment Syndicate x Darren Ashley

17th November 2013: Lot 36: Bassment Syndicate x Darren Ashley at The Bee, Publika.

The first set was Bassment Syndicate.

They are ever groovy.

They’d also made it a stage thing to have these lights cast shadows all over.

Like so!

Meanwhile, outside.

Back inside, during intermission, somebody sets up the decks. Real turntables that use vinyl.

The second set is Darren Ashley, without his band, but with Bassment Syndicate instead. I could only imagine the synthesizer geekery that goes on during rehearsals!

Darren Ashley turns on the vocoder to sing a robotic intro, for Marcus to punch in some R&B. I don’t know the name of the song, but it has one heck of a slapped bass solo, cranked up with sweet fuzzy fuzz.

‘dis mah favruttt song guys, coz I wrote it! Aight do it justice guys.

We then got a Bassment Syndicated version of If I Don’t Stay!

As an ending act, DJ Moslem Priest took to the decks.

Borrowed light from the Bassment Syndicate setup made it a lot easier to shoot this.


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