Broken Scar, Everybody!

Now, for pictures from Broken Scar‘s final farewell show, 7th September 2006.

Ariff Akhir of The Sofa Sessions: Eh Daphne, you know ah, you damn pretty lah. I like you.
Daphne the emcee: Ehehehe thank you!

The Sofa Sessions, featuring bass slut Alda. I used 1/3rd-power flash, ISO 200, 1/25th (to expose the colored lighting but keep motion blur down). The 1/3rd-power flash helped to increase detail in the shadows, especially on Alda’s face, but not enough to give him an unsightly blue/white tint.

Top left: Sometimes, slow-shutter flash can make interesting effects; bottom-left: Velan, who runs Jamasia, looks like Gene Frenkle of that famous Saturday Night Live Cowbell skit; right: Daphne shows off her legs.

Spot the odd one out of Qings & Kueens.

Yep, Ariff is not a band slut. Meng played bass for Qings & Kueens, filling in for Kevin Theseira. Vima, frontman, was cracking jokes non-stop. 😀

And now, for Broken Scar, stealing Paul of Qings & Kueens.

Another picture with 1/3rd-power flash; Alda’s face would be dark otherwise.

They played a cover of KISS – Rock And Roll All Night!

I recognize this act from another band!

Post-gig interview.

Kevin, have a safe flight. I’ll miss the philosophical car rides to gigs, and untying my hair and headbanging!

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