What: Moonshine, a homemade acoustic show
Who: Tempered Mental, Kluk Kluk Adventure, One Buck Short, Pete Teo, Kohl
When: 9:30pm, 14th September 2006
Where: Laundry Bar, The Curve
How much: Free, but you’ll get thirsty cheering for the hard-rocking bands and drooling at the chicks

More details here.

I also went for The Shape Of Things, as a reviewer for Xfresh.

I’ve already written about it here, so let the pictures do the talking.

Proper drama in a play, for once! After all those philosophical meaningful thought-provoking plays come this, a play whose meanings do not need a toilet seating to understand. Do you go to plays to watch them orate puzzles… or perform and be entertained? A lot of meaning was obvious, though deeper thoughts might reveal more. Was the surprise twist at the end out of spite?

Eve plans to deface a painting, and the nerdy security guard Adam tries to stop her. While the play was about love, there was a underlining parallel reference to art, like in lines like:
When Picasso took a shit, he didn’t call it art. He knew the difference. That’s what made him Picasso.

Maybe he’d be able to, with such a rifle (shown outside, in set designer Jia Wei’s garage clearance.

Meanwhile, Eve breaks Adam in. Conversation is natural and not staged, with proper dynamics and pacing. Phew. Some of the other plays I’d seen were like 10-minute grindcore songs. (Grindcore songs are under 2 minutes for good reason.)

Kinky with cameras.

However, while she managed to shape him into a good-looking, confident man, she failed to control his loyalty. On the plus side, she successfully changed a man… while on the minus side, he went to the woods with his roommate’s fiancee.

While the drama may seem exaggerated, we probably know someone who has gone through that.

Some, myself included, may be able to relate to some of the characters in the play at any one time. There was also Two Inch Paperheart, who played U2-like background music in between scenes.

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