Crossing Bothers

This post is brought to you by the wonderful local-scene-supporting Xfresh. Crossborders at Laundry Bar!

Featuring Sina aka Mailer Daemon, emcee and guest rapper for funk-reggae-metal band Prana!

Then in a gust of wind… Love Me Butch took over with emo/nu-metal ferocity.

Heavy chugging riffs (and yet interestingly progressive). These guys, and Dragon Red, probably were the loudest you’d hear in Laundry Bar.

Watch out for the ill-meaning mike stand!

Syarul has a most powerful scream. I thought the sunnies killed some of his stage persona though.

Rear-sync/second-curtain slow-shutter flash.

Standard flash.

*cuts outside, to a waiter preparing what appears to be The Chinese Acrobat*

Oh, right. A Flaming Lamborghini.

Back inside, emo-core band from The Philippines, Chicosci. So intense, they had two drummers.

There’s a laptop somewhere back there and a keyboard for this guitarist to play more indie-pop-themed solos. But nothing beats the guitar.

This is for the many girls who asked if he was cute (as they sat outside watching the screen.)

It looks like we have time for a few more pictures, so here goes:

Circular fisheye! Eat that!

KL Tower, by chance, in scale to the moon.

I caught this with a tripod on a 3.2 second exposure. (Usually, shooting a bright moon uses a very fast shutter speed, making a tripod pointless.) The moving clouds provided a cool effect.

A full, unresized crop.

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