Take a break from clubbing and go for this instead

Remember when I pimped The Breakfast Club? (Yes, it’s showing until Sunday 7th January 2007… which is amazing for my blog-updating speed.)

Anyway, The Breakfast Club was one of the more famous 80’s teen movies, made into a play. Five kids are in detention, all of them very different.

You got the goth (The Basketcase), played by Krystle Wong (who once again says about nothing at the start, like in Showers Of Flowers, one of the plays in fiftynineminutes.)

Then there’s the hot chick (okay, technically she’s The Princess), played by Christine Ellis (who, this time, gets loads of conversation unlike in fiftynineminutes.)

Reuben W.J. Kang (in front) plays The Athlete, with Kelvin Wong as John Bender (The Criminal).

The Brain is played by comedic genius Branavan Aruljothi, a nerd who got himself a fake ID so he could vote! (Don’t get the caption? Check out my Rojak! review.)

Yep, all of them were in fiftynineminutes. Yay to more youth-oriented plays without brain-stressing abstract themes!

Oh and there’s also the principal, which Matt Groening admits to basing Principal Seymour Skinner on. Yep. The movie influenced the creator of The Simpsons!

John Bender the foul-mouthed miscreant brings them into trouble. Yep, Bender’s the cursing robot from Futurama, also created by Matt Groening.

There’s also a scene where John Bender tells the principal to “Eat my shorts.” 😀

Would they be friends after spending a few hours in detention?

…or maybe more?

(To that thought.)

The Goth: I’ll do anything sexual. I don’t need a million dollars to do it either.
The Princess: You’re lying.
The Goth: I already have. I’ve done just about everything there is except a few things that are illegal. I’m a nymphomaniac.
The Princess: Lie.
The Brain: Are your parents aware of this?
The Goth: The only person I told was my shrink.
The Athlete: And what did he do when you told him?
The Goth: He nailed me.
The Princess: Very nice.
The Goth: I don’t think that from a legal standpoint what he did can be construed as rape, since I paid him.

(Stolen from IMDB’s Quotes. The Matt Groening references were also spotted in Wikipedia.)

Thanks to Click Chick! for letting me take pictures. That preview night had four distinct clicks; Kok Keong’s Olympus E-500 in the background with focus confirmation beep; Asyraf Lee‘s Nikon D70s which could still be heard from across the hall (and had a mirror slapping sound similiar to my Olympus OM-2000 and Sony A100); my Sony A100, on manual focus; and Grace on her Canon EOS 350D (with distinct whizzing shutter sound). Oh, and my completely silent infrared-modded Fujifilm Digital Q1 with Olympus 35-70 F3.5-4.8 lens (to cover the 210-420mm equivalent). 😀

12 thoughts on “Take a break from clubbing and go for this instead

  1. Ian Post author

    Wahhh, get me more pictures of that hottie!

    I like that pose she strikes with the finger pointing *at something*.

    Wait a minute, i happen to know that kid, Kelvin Wong. I saw him in my friend’s play way back in Sunway College. Hmm..

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    YK: I guess so; they play some tacky 80’s music. I haven’t heard the song though so I wouldn’t know if it’s the same one.

    Silly Pat: Nope; it’s against my principles in a way. And apparently, Viceice was already there!

    Ian: Go watch it, she… I mean, the play is good.

    raZZbeRRy: Nay, that’s the second finger. 😉 OOOH I had more offensive pictures along those lines then.

  3. Grace Post author

    Booyah! The Breakfast Club in infra-red! Coolness 😀 hehe… haha yeah i could tell who was shooting just by the sound of their click! *hee…*

  4. Albert Ng Post author

    Reuben: Fixed! I copied it from my previous post (also fixed) which was copied from somewhere else. I can’t remember where the typo originated from though. 😛


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