A Night Of Magic & Music with Auburn

Are you all ready for a night of magic and music with Auburn?

Plush starts the show that magical 29th April of 2007 at KL Jamasia.

Melina. Check out her voodoo magic shit she got double neck guitar whoa.

Green with envy? She got a flying V.

Hot bassist.

They played Tool – Schism again, much to my delight, and Smashing Pumpkins – Ava Adore.

I swayed my shoulders side to side drunkenly like Billy Corgan does. No wonder he does that; he doesn’t have any hair to headbang with!


Steph sees the light.

Ashley Ang! Cute rocker daughter of Alex Ang, mad mad drummer.

She has magical powers, too! She can banish evil emcees with The Force!

Ojie of Stonebay, for a few ditties.

Then came the magicians!

They strolled table to table. The funky lighting is because the flash was pointed at the white wall on my left since the ceiling is painted black. Wireless Pre-flash TTL flash is magic, I tell you.

This, kids, is what happens when you consume too much junk food.

WHOAAA random ASCII characters! (Sorry, as a programmer I’ll be anal and tell you that this is not binary code.)

It was an ASCII representation of this very cool Auburn logo. Rotated 180 degrees, it would look the same!

Ashley’s mom is particularly proud of her young Jedi daughter.

Eddy looks like a schoolboy enthralled by the card tricks.

And now, for the headliners.

Pardon me while I catch a giggle, this picture reminds me of a scene in This Is Spinal Tap when they play Rock And Roll Creation.

Progressive alternative rock. Heavy riffs and mellow melodies.

Then there’s the tender ballad. Damn, these guys grow on you. Go get their album Karya. It has inklings of epicness, most reminiscent of The Smashing Pumpkins. (Think A Killer In Me).

Izuan Shah with his tender voice keeps the music anchored, despite changing tempo and intensity often. A similiar concept can be seen with Reza Salleh, whose voice keeps driving forward amongst all the rock dynamics behind him.

Guitar effects part one with Hanafi, who seems to be running out of magic green ooze.

Hashir, newest member, and effects part two. Necessary for more layers of atmosphere.

Izzat, skinny dude on bass.

Alvin on drums. I think I’ve finally figured out how to capture drummers creatively; with a wide-angle converter reversed in front of my lens!

Crowd, with wireless flash popped. See I wasn’t kidding about them damn black ceilings. And yes, that’s what Jamasia looks like.

Closing time.

File pic.

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