G.A.S. For RM20!

28th April 2007, the Guitar Artistic Series at KL Jamasia!

Crosstown Traffic, classic rockers! This is funnyman N. Rama Lohan.

Wong Lip Kee, guitar hero number #1! They played a cover of Cream – White Room. Those were the days when Eric Clapton just shredded.

Bounce flash from the left, with some flash coming back from the right white wall. No exposure compensation needed! Amazing!

Rizal Johan on bass. I shot with the Minolta 70-210mm F4 beercan lens at F8 to get this razor-shave sharpness.

Reuben on drums. As the youngest member, he is always spotted at uncool and untrue-to-rock events. Of course, this also means he spotted me at such an uncool and untrue-to-rock event. Uh, yeah.

Velvet Tones has Jack Lian guitar hero #2 doing crazy, crazy jazz scales at Yngwie Malmsteen speed. I love his funk tone, and Red Funk never tires me.

Mr. bassman.

Alex Ang, super band slut and one of the most expressionful drummers to watch. Plus he’s got an ever changing groove.

This is how I bootleg. Okay, not really; my left hand holds it. This huge Sony bag only comes out during camera geekout sessions.

Ahmad Saiful with my Soligor 70-220mm F3.5 OM-mount lens, a Vivitar 2x OM-mount teleconverter, a OM-mount to Four-Thirds adapter, and an Olympus E-500 digital SLR. Manual focus, but bright and crispy.

Next up: Fadlly, guitar hero #3, and his band. Spot the floating head of band slut Alex Ang!

While at it, spot the hidden Mickey, too.

These guys superheated the crowd with Jimi Hendrix – Red House

…and when the intro riff to Jimi Hendrix – Little Wing came on, a supernova happened. Alex sang the entire song. “When she’s walllkiiing! Thrrrooouuuughghgh the clouououds!

Fadlly also sang Jimi Hendrix – Angel, but the crowd didn’t know it as well as I did. 🙁

Finally, they ended with a guitar duel triplel? ala G3; with Alda backing on bass and Alex as usual on drums. This was an extended blues jam, with all three guitars having distinctly different tones.

Oh and guess who I met there! Michelle Branch! (Man I love the look of bounced flash.)

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