Sedap Giler Babi

Because I don’t want to spoil the record of a blog a day (unlike a blog whose URL is who is not updated daily) I will include a filler.

This happened today:

Chinese Taxi Driver: You ni Cina ker? (Are you Chinese?)
Me: Uh… Yeah. Tapi tak boleh cakap Cina lah. Dengar boleh. (But I can’t speak Chinese. I can understand it though.)
CTD: Aiyo! Itu macam tak boleh. You pernah kena fakk? (That should not be! Have you been screwed?)
Me: Yeah… tapi I boleh order lah. Char Siew Fan, Tar Pao. Mai Tan. (Yeah, but I can order. Barbequed pork rice, take away, call for the bill.)

For some reason, the way he said it it was so hilarious. Oh, and it means “YEAH! Pork is delicious!

The second funniest pork-related phrase I’d heard was “BAAABIII?!? HARAAAM TUH!

In other words, pork is against one’s religion if one is a Muslim.

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