The real reason why banks change currency often is to prevent good, honest people from time travel into the past.

That’s right.

If you could go back in time to buy something and then bring it back to the future to sell it as something immensely valuable, you’d need their currency. Of course, the only problem with that would be that your current currency would’ve changed!

Unless, of course, you travel progressively back in time, to a time where both your new currency and the previous unit was usable. For example, I could change my RM50 notes into older RM5 notes (right around the time of Chinese New Year, where such behavior is acceptable), then travel back more to change it to RM100 notes, and travel again to the point before it changed look to change it to RM20 notes, and so on and so forth.

At some point you’d want to change your money into tin ore, since that probably is the only thing that depreciated over the years.

Of course, the smarter of you might travel forward in time and sell what would be worth a lot in the future. Though the question is, what would you bring back in time, then, that would be worth a lot more?

10 thoughts on “Travelling?

  1. Albert Ng Post author


    …but you can’t bring the money back to… wait, do you even know which bank is which now? After all the mergers, I’d say the only safe bank to start an account is, is Maybank. Then there’s a problem with uncollected monies (if you don’t activate your account after a few years…)

  2. saifulrizan Post author

    Err… yeah, perhaps Maybank is the good idea! Hahaha

    Well, let’s see.. hmm.. standing order so the money will keep bank in for every month just to keep the account from being dormant..

    The thing is, I dont know what I’ll do if I got the chance to do so.. maybe I’ll just go around cuci mata. Hahha

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    saifulrizan: One of the main things that got me thinking about time travel was old classic cameras and lenses that people want these days. Of course, we know how to get a shitload of money – put it and travel to the future. Everything will be more expensive, though, so how are you going to bring money from the future back to present, or past, where you can live richly?

    randomvisitor: Ah yes, that means I certainly cannot bring it into the past.

  4. huiwen7 Post author

    "…what would you bring back in time, then, that would be worth a lot more?"

    Photographs of the future! Kinda out-of-topic, haha…

  5. Albert Ng Post author

    huiwen7: Ah yes, you might be able to sell them. Would have to bring back a printer with plenty of ink, though. Unless we’re Doc in Back To The Future, who invented an ice-cream machine, we’d be pretty… lost in the past.

    Dr. Tan: High five! I think you’d have to get the blueprints, though.

    udjinn: Ah yes. So we’ll bring back aluminum to the past when it was worth a lot, chuck it in a bank, zip forward to the 60’s and go crazy on Gear Acquisition Syndrome. 😀 I’d hate to imagine how big the time machine would have to be.

  6. Dr. Tan Post author

    Buy new cameras and sell it back to the company for a profit. Bet they would love the technology in there.

    Damn I thought of the money issue before. We’re top notch geeks wtf.

    Or buy a shit load of aluminium and bring it back in time. Aluminium cost more than gold back then, which is why the Washington Monument is topped with aluminium.


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