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Simple, Man

I woke up with an emo punk song in my head but ended up writing this pop punk crap.

Don’t say hi or hello
Our talk will have its toll
Once you’ve sparked the flow
Of words beyond my control

Don’t send me home
I don’t want to go
To places that we may roam
Where we’d be rolling out dough

Don’t touch me or say that you care
Don’t fancy or ruffle my hair
Don’t party and say that you’d share
For presence should at least be paired

Don’t wake me up
I’m in slumber so deep
It was last night’s tea cup
That wouldn’t let me sleep

Don’t forgive me
I’ll never remember
The things you said to me
Were in a previous lecture

Don’t compliment
I’ll miss it the next day
Don’t stop the argument
For we had a lot to say


Could you take a picture?
With the right zoom and aperture?
I want you to capture
My vividness and color

Oh golly gosh there’s the flash!
Pay off my shadow with cash
When the light shines, I am the highlight
I shall be dark again and out of sight.

The Edge

Why don’t you shave? Your beard is not getting dense
You look like a pervert! Now I have no pretense
I’m not buying you teddybears and giving geography lessons
I’m tired of looking cute and pandering to your innocence
Alas curse my restlessness it was something I couldn’t evade
I found a cure for the itch by taking out a blade


This entry wasn’t in rhyme format before this. Laugh like you would when you read lame forwarded rhymes.

On Friday Chez picked me up from the office
To Bintang Walk for God forbid we miss
Our distraught friend reading poetry
Using the word ‘distraught‘ in glee

I was made unpivotal to the recital! Someone else was the title.

Of Seven Collar T-shirt there was Duan
He and his guitar, headcount was one
Cool jazz riffs, neat inversions galore
For once their melancholia was not a snore

Saturday I went down to KL Plaza again
For Hoobastank’s Battle Of The Bands
The band with the best playing
Would get to open in the grandstands

I was made a judge quickly
Beside Saiful of Y2K and a Universal lady
Between bands I itched to pick up an electric guitar
And jam with the great masked punk rocker from afar

Alas, to test guitars, we were timid
Much like one church band who hid
In them, the ability to rock out
Like how Linkin-Park-in-Malaysia regulations said “no jumping about”

We were then seen in Coffee Bean, me treated to a White Chocolate Dream.

Lunch was nasi lemak, dinner a chicken burger
Both at the same place at 3:30pm or later
I ran to Low Yat Plaza as the clouds fell
To collect price lists to use as scrap paper as well

Cast A Shade

Baby shine on me your pot of gold
From the mountains up so cold
When the sun shines I am too yellow
To embrace upon your radiant glow
Why don’t you ask, “Why is this guy blue?”
Can’t you tell green is another hue?
Until I’m done cycling in red
I will make you cast a shade

(I’ve actually recorded a demo song with this. Ask me! I have no professional training.)

Cowboy Blues

I ran down to Texas
There was my woman
Riding a cowboy
Bowlegged on his weapon

I said hey pardner
Don’t you steal my baby
He said chill out my brother
Was not like we was steady

But hell I said
She had my momma’s ring
The one that I gave her
Don’t it stand for nothing?

He said she be wooing smooching b**ching
About mah dog
He said she be flashing tempting panting
But not for my log

As I rode into the horizon
He felt a cold shiver
I felt happy for him
I was proud to be a gift giver

Oh, and I’ve linked YK, Jing, Kristin, Debbie and relinked Dustyhawk and xen0s in that Links section of my narcissistic About Me! page.

Break The Nines

I snapped the niner, will my sextet last?
This experimenter wound it down too fast
I changed my chord but resolved no tension
For time won’t afford me calculation
The law of scale says the tone I’m using
Is out of place and sounds disagreeing
Alas turning back makes for bald tires
I can’t hit the sack till the spark fires


Jenny’s got a problem
Jenny’s got a bum
Jenny has a brainless anthem
And she was saved by a sour plum

Who cares, really, for Jenny?
Who is her custodian?
Was the task up to me
Or the woefully appointed guardian?

(Yes, it sounds dumb, but is intentionally cryptic.)