Cowboy Blues

I ran down to Texas
There was my woman
Riding a cowboy
Bowlegged on his weapon

I said hey pardner
Don’t you steal my baby
He said chill out my brother
Was not like we was steady

But hell I said
She had my momma’s ring
The one that I gave her
Don’t it stand for nothing?

He said she be wooing smooching b**ching
About mah dog
He said she be flashing tempting panting
But not for my log

As I rode into the horizon
He felt a cold shiver
I felt happy for him
I was proud to be a gift giver

Oh, and I’ve linked YK, Jing, Kristin, Debbie and relinked Dustyhawk and xen0s in that Links section of my narcissistic About Me! page.

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