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This morning’s Teh Tarik at Maju Curry House, Taman Jaya had cinammon.

This morning’s feeder bus was fast and got me sleeping at a bench in Sunway Pyramid at 9:30am.

Thanks to Frus, I finally have a pyramid-shaped Rubik’s cub… I mean, puzzle. Nabila told me of her car accident. Jin arrived, and this morning’s 11:15am screening of Troy was long, even though scenes were cut out. Must Orlando Bloom appear in a ship everytime? (Pirates Of The Caribbean, Lord Of The Rings, Troy…)

This afternoon’s sun and traffic condition was not forgiving as we inched to KL Sentral, to get to the monorail to Times Square. Met loads of people at the 4th Xfresh Gathering. Made noise. Was happy. Very happy.

This evening’s visit at Times Square found Daytona USA 2 machines! The graphics were modern-quality, with a looser-feeling steering wheel. On the bus home, I figured out how to solve the pyramid.

This post was horribly reflective of my laconic state.

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  1. Lex Post author

    After 30 minutes of cockstaring with Albert…it was a tie…actually albert cheated…he laughed and he proclaimed he smiled…wait till I get thru the next round….it’s time for revenge

  2. ee-von Post author

    must orlando bloom shoot his stupid arrows in every movie? will i ever get to maju curry house?

  3. Iszie Post author

    Buy a bottle of McCormick’s cinnamon spice and you’ll get cinnamon tinted teh tariks wherever you go!


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